Our Favorite Things About New Imagined Myspace

Bringing Sexy Back one user at a time.

You may have caught wind of Justin Timberlake’s recent single with Jay-Z, “Suit & Tie” quickly climbing to #1 on iTunes just after one day. The song is a perfect segway to introduce the brand new Myspace, now open to the public and ready to turn heads. Back in September, Myspace announced a revamped, re-imagined platform for users and artists. According to the CEO of Specific Media, Tim Vanderhook, the new MySpace would be available to everyone by the end of 2012. By his side, the one and only superstar and part owner of Specific Media, Justin Timberlake would see it through.


MySpace has been under the radar for the past months in invite-only mode. Years before, the abandoned social network felt like a city demolished by a zombie apocalypse. Users were finding shelter in smarter social networks while the platform slowly ate away at every revenue generating opportunity until nothing was left.

Once a pinnacle, it was only a matter of time before the music-driven social site got a makeover. Here are our favorite features:

Synced with user’s Facebook & Twitter accounts

MySpace will not be trying to persuade current Facebook and Twitter users to solely use the new MySpace.  The new MySpace will allow users to sign in to the site using their Facebook and Twitter logins. This will be easier for people to start using MySpace because “it integrates with Facebook and Twitter to be able to pull over your social graph and pull over your identity of who you are” says Tim Vanderhook the CEO of Specific Media in an interview with ABC News. It is one less step and social media site that users have to manage. MySpace will find connections from the user’s current friends and followers.  MySpace allows users to post to multiple sites in one step.


Focused on Music, Artists, and Fans

The new MySpace will be a site that gives filmmakers, photographers, various artists, and musicians a place to express their creative talent on their profiles.  Tim Vanderhook expressed to ABC that, “the idea to create something unique and drive a connection with a fan base has a lot of equity”. Artists’ pages will feature a “music catalog”, songs and videos by the artist. These songs can be dragged and dropped to a fan’s playlists. Fans can see upcoming concert events and read more about the artists’ background. The new MySpace will give users the ability to build playlist, add photo albums, and connect with artists in a visually appealing format that will have users in awe. For artists MySpace allows them to gain insights and demographic information about their fans.


Minimal Design of the page

After watching the video for the new MySpace, there is a definite difference between the late Myspace and the new. The sleek, minimalistic design is intriguing, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.  When asked about the design inspiration Chris Vanderhook, COO of Specific Media, said, “We wanted to build for today and for the future. A lot of the elements from the design is built for widescreen formats for tablets and smartphones”. The new MySpace will allow users to explore the site in a visual way, while streaming music from the site. The new MySpace browsing is horizontal, rather than the popular vertical format used by other social media sites.


The Stream

The Stream that the new MySpace features is similar to the format of Pinterest boards. The Stream allows users to see their own recent activity, their friend’s activity, and updates from artists. Mixes and photos that are posted by connections on MySpace can also be seen on the stream. People may post comments on the Stream as long as they say it in 140 characters or less, like Twitter. This adds to the minimal design, it will eliminate long comments and statuses to be posted on the Stream.


Mixes & Navigations

One feature that has not changed with the new MySpace, is the music. Users can use a drag and drop feature for adding songs to playlists and mixes. People can create a list of songs and collage of photos called mixes. A user’s connections can comment or share it with others. The new MySpace has a navigation bar at the bottom of the page, out of the way from all the photos and videos users can view.  The discover tab allows users to access trending topics, search people, search radio, and find events going on.



Will the buzz of the new design and features be enough to drive traffic to the once forgotten site? We highly recommend you spend a little time using the features above and decide for yourself.

The New Myspace: How to Get Started