Startup Spotlight: Youtoo Can Be On TV!

Your favorite shows are interesting enough to keep your attention right?

Your favorite shows are interesting enough to keep your attention right? With all that is infinitely accessible via smart phones, laptops, and tablets, you might want to think again. With the incredible spike in popularity among coming social media and television, it appears we enjoy watching our beloved reality sitcom drama documentaries with others who love them too.  Now with the rise of social TV, has made tv even more social.

Youtoo is a Social TV network that allows millions the opportunity to be on TV with a mere click of the mouse. Users can record and upload 15sec videos called “Fame Spots” with smartphones, tablets or personal computers, and be chosen to air during national shows such as The X-files. For those new to Social TV, let’s take a look at similar applications.

Other social TV networks making a splash include GetGlue, which lets users “Check in” to TV shows and movies they are watching to socialize with friends, get recommendations and earn rewards. Yahoo’s Social TV baby IntoNow gives users a Shazam-ish option to check in via a live broadcast and create an interactive TV experience to discuss and dissect shows in real time. Other sites such as Viggle partner with brands to reward viewers with movie tickets, gift cards to Target, or cups of coffee from Starbucks.

It seems only natural that social networking and technology would make a natural transition to better integrate with TV, and provide a proactive way to interact with fans, reach new audiences, and drive viewership. Haven’t heard of shows using Social TV to reach fans? “True Blood”, “Walking Dead”, and “WWE” which announced earlier this year they were teaming up with Tout, are all great examples of shows and brands exploring the benefits of Social TV and scoring big.

Youtoo also has the potential to reach a large amount of viewers, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be on TV? It’s the perfect example of Social TV, using the real allure of being on screen, via whatever device they have in their hands.