Taking Your Keywords to the Next Level

Using keywords effectively is an invaluable tool for reaching and attracting your perfect customer.

Keywords are amazing tools which can aid companies to attract potential customers. This technique makes use of search engines to match your content to the queries people insert on search engines. Although this technique has a massive potential and use, it is only used at a very basic level by companies. Here are four ways to attract more visitors to your pages with improved keyword techniques.

1) Using the language of your customer

It is essential to use the language of the customers you wish your keywords to attract. Much at times, there is a difference between the way your customers think about and describe your products or services and the way you describe them. Consider the lingo used by you and others within your industry when describing your products. Now think about how you would explain it to someone who has no familiarity with that industry at all. If you sell managed IT services, for example, don’t assume your target audience understands your tech jargon, especially if you market your products to the average small business owner.  The language, and the keywords used throughout your site’s content, should be user friendly.

2) Using the language founded on your customers’ personas

Your customers’ personas can tell you a great deal about their likes, dislikes, challenges, needs etc which forms useful information while you are optimizing your content. Once you develop your insights on these personas you better understand what motivates them to buy your products or services and then shape your keywords accordingly.

3) Make use of the keywords throughout the page

Google does everything in its power to always show relevant search results. Google crawls websites and looks at certain information to determine what these best results should be. Find ways to naturally incorporate your chosen keywords throughout your site’s content, headlines and URLs. These keywords enhance the communication between your web pages and search engines like Google so they know when to correctly display your site in relevant search results.

4) Usage of keywords naturally

It is best to use keywords naturally and not excessively. Including too many keywords comes off as a non serious content to the readers and makes it appear forced. Remember to abstain from artificial and unnecessary inclusion of keywords in your page content. Instead provide reliable information for your customers and don’t overuse keywords if you wish to keep your readers interested. Using your keywords according to these techniques makes the best use of this useful tool in attracting your target audience.

Using keywords effectively is an invaluable tool for reaching and attracting your perfect customer. Great use of the techniques above ensure you’re driving qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your website and improve overall marketing efforts.