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Mark your calendars, Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Group will be having its next Meetup!

Join Harrison Blum of Z Interactive for an informative presentation entitled “Social Content that Thrives in an Overcrowded Market”.

Social media used to be a place for businesses to thrive and increase brand awareness for little to no cost. Unfortunately, all of that has changed over the past several years. As the popularity of social media grows, many of the most popular platforms have quickly become overcrowded. This has left many SMBs writing off social media as a serious marketing tool for their company.

Harrison Blum is pleased to share how SMBs can adapt and evolve its social content strategy to reach the modern customer.

  • The anatomy of great social media content
  • Knowing what your customer wants and when
  • Building a SMART Facebook Advertising engine
  • 5 timeless steps for generating leads from Facebook Advertising

The event cost will be $5 per person and we accept cash and credit cards.

Pizza and Soda/Water will be served prior to the Meeting.  Come early and eat some food and Network!


6:30 – 7:00 PM Networking Time

7:00 – 8:00 PM Main Presentation & Q&A

8:00 – 9:00 PM More Networking Time


Meet our Guest Speaker, Harrison Blum

Harrison Blum is an accomplished marketing professional and consultant with broad agency and entrepreneurial experience with a long history of building remarkable brands. He is the founder and owner of the Dallas-based integrated marketing agency, Z Interactive where he’s had the pleasure working with companies SAP, Margaritaville Caribbean, Bowers & Wilkins and On The Border.

Blum has extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry where he began his career working with concert promotion giants AEG Live and Live Nation. He has proven success in brand development, content marketing and social strategy. In his spare time Harrison enjoys homebrewing, contributing as a beer reviewer for CentralTrack Magazine, and also enjoys volunteering for Dallas urban initiatives.

Meetup Location


16633 Dallas Parkway, Suite 100 Addison, TX 75001
(Nearest cross streets are Dallas Pkwy. (Toll Rd.) & Westgrove Rd. near the Mary Kay building)
Building is called One Hanover Park

Plenty of parking on ground level.  Do not park in parking garage!

RSVP to the event on Meetup.com!

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How to Gain Maximum Exposure by Repurposing your Content http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/11/how-to-gain-maximum-exposure-by-repurposing-your-content/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/11/how-to-gain-maximum-exposure-by-repurposing-your-content/#respond Thu, 05 Nov 2015 03:55:24 +0000 http://zinteractiveagency.com/?p=584 Read More

You can maximize your content exposure by creating a strategic approach and a solid foundation.

As you know high quality content is KING and can be repurposed into many different pieces including social media updates, presentations, and blog posts. You can maximize your content exposure by creating a strategic approach. This approach starts with a solid foundation.

  1. Prepare an outline: Sketch out your main and sub talking points.
  2. Write your article: Keep in mind it needs to be at least 300-500 words and keep SEO and outbound links in mind when writing.
  3. Create a short version: Create a short version of your full article that can be used in social updates.
  4. Prepare social posts: Pull your core points from your article to create 8-10 social media snippets. Be sure to use hashtags and images.

Now that your text is prepared it’s time to move on to creating your brand assets for your blog posts, social media updates, and presentations. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop for professionals or Canva for us marketing people. Now that you have all of the pieces you can start posting your content and gain more exposure.

  1. Medium: You can post you shorter article on this blog platform and link back to your blog post on your website and gain new blog followers.
  2. Twitter: Schedule out your tweets with your social media posts pointing back the original blog post. Be sure to include a featured image for more engagement.
  3. Facebook: Post you shorter version on Facebook and link it back to your blog to read the full article. You can include the same featured image that was used on Twitter posts or a new one.
  4. SlideShare: From your outline you can design a presentation using a tool like Microsoft PowerPoint and post it into SlideShare that can be shared in your social media updates or embedded into your newsletter.

Be sure each piece of content reaches its maximum exposure by repurposing it on different channels. Once you get this strategy down you can try new things like posting on YouTube or creating a Podcast. Don’t be afraid to think about side box any try channels to post your content.


Scott Sims

Co-founder and CEO at Buzzlogix. Scott is responsible for leading Buzzlogix’s worldwide operations, and for steering the overall direction and strategy of the company. He is on the board of Social Media Dallas and enjoys talking about social media strategies and tips. He regularly posts on industry leading social media blogs and the Buzzlogix blog.

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15 Must-Have Tools to Market Your Business in 2015 http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/02/marketing-tools-to-market-your-business-in-2015/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/02/marketing-tools-to-market-your-business-in-2015/#respond Fri, 27 Feb 2015 23:32:08 +0000 http://zinteractiveagency.com/?p=550 Read More

Here are 15 must-have, forward-thinking tools to market your business in 2015.

The year brings new and refined ways of expanding your business and building a reputation that is bound to succeed. However, if budgets and financial constraints limit your ability to market, you’ll need to be resourceful and a little creative. Here are15 must-have, forward-thinking tools to market your business in 2015.

1. BuzzSumo

A platform for content marketing and SEO agencies to discover engaging content and outreach opportunities. Buzzsumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.

2. Mention

Mention provides the best possible way to help keep track of what people are saying about you and your competitors. Create alerts for your name, brand, competitors, and remain informed in real-time so you never miss out on conversation with current and potential customers.

3. Autosend

Autosend helps you personally reach out to each and every customer enlisted on your website. It lets you automatically generate email or text messages to customers based on what they do on your website. A personal message is sent to customers anytime a customer joins, makes a purchase or inquires about your business.

4. Ducksboard

Ducksboard is a one-stop shop that tracks people who join your mailing lists, subscribe to your services and buy your products. This all-in-one tool makes it easier to keep track of analytics of your services.

5. ReferralSnip

A 2014 study declared that more than 80 percent of small businesses gain clients through word of mouth. ReferralSnip, helps you set up a referral program within a few minutes. Just design your referral snippet, add it to any link, share your link, get referrals and watch your business grow.

6. Oktopost

Oktopost lets you easily manage large-scale content distribution to social media, across all of your profiles, groups and company pages. Manage conversations and measure the effectiveness of your efforts conveniently.

7. Picreel

Recover abandoning website visitors and turn them into customers. Picreel serves as a tool to optimize websites and helps you capture visitors with customizable exit offers.

8. VWO

VWO is a tool to help you find out what’s effective on your website and what’s not. Quickly test landing pages, websites, e-commerce pages and more with minimal IT help.

9. Tropical

Tropical is the best way to gather all your data and create a full profile or timeline of each client and their activities. Consolidate your client data all in one place, and see its impact in a week.

10. Socedo

Socedo helps you qualify leads on Twitter by entering keywords or hashtags. Additionally, it automatically enables you to favorite tweets, follow prospects and respond or send direct messages to clients on Twitter.

11. Canva

Canva is a fun, free and simple to use design tool for even the most graphically challenged. Use its templates, store everything online and even access stock images to include in your work.

12. Ope.nr

Ope.nr aids you in adding a call to action to any link you share on social media. Simply create your link, customize it, share it and track it. Drive online traffic back to you.

13. Uberflip

Uberflip empowers marketers to create a compelling content marketing experience and leverages their content to drive growth. Create targeted calls to action within your content by aggregating content, tailoring experiences, converting customers and measuring performances.

14. Full Contact

Marketing is all about building a long-lasting relationship which is easy with FullContact. It gives you the opportunity to gather relevant data such as real name, photo and social-profile links to every contact, allowing you to reach out to clients.

15. Person

Person is a tool which will help you visualize your target customer by inputting their relative characteristics such as gender, likes, behaviors and goals in a simple-to-read layout. Newly created customer personas are shared with teams and other marketers.

Tell us! What tools are using to market your business or startup? We’d love for you to share them in the comments!

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Taking Your Keywords to the Next Level http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/01/taking-your-keywords-to-the-next-level/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2015/01/taking-your-keywords-to-the-next-level/#respond Sat, 24 Jan 2015 18:59:44 +0000 http://zinteractiveagency.com/?p=517 Read More

Using keywords effectively is an invaluable tool for reaching and attracting your perfect customer.

Keywords are amazing tools which can aid companies to attract potential customers. This technique makes use of search engines to match your content to the queries people insert on search engines. Although this technique has a massive potential and use, it is only used at a very basic level by companies. Here are four ways to attract more visitors to your pages with improved keyword techniques.

1) Using the language of your customer

It is essential to use the language of the customers you wish your keywords to attract. Much at times, there is a difference between the way your customers think about and describe your products or services and the way you describe them. Consider the lingo used by you and others within your industry when describing your products. Now think about how you would explain it to someone who has no familiarity with that industry at all. If you sell managed IT services, for example, don’t assume your target audience understands your tech jargon, especially if you market your products to the average small business owner.  The language, and the keywords used throughout your site’s content, should be user friendly.

2) Using the language founded on your customers’ personas

Your customers’ personas can tell you a great deal about their likes, dislikes, challenges, needs etc which forms useful information while you are optimizing your content. Once you develop your insights on these personas you better understand what motivates them to buy your products or services and then shape your keywords accordingly.

3) Make use of the keywords throughout the page

Google does everything in its power to always show relevant search results. Google crawls websites and looks at certain information to determine what these best results should be. Find ways to naturally incorporate your chosen keywords throughout your site’s content, headlines and URLs. These keywords enhance the communication between your web pages and search engines like Google so they know when to correctly display your site in relevant search results.

4) Usage of keywords naturally

It is best to use keywords naturally and not excessively. Including too many keywords comes off as a non serious content to the readers and makes it appear forced. Remember to abstain from artificial and unnecessary inclusion of keywords in your page content. Instead provide reliable information for your customers and don’t overuse keywords if you wish to keep your readers interested. Using your keywords according to these techniques makes the best use of this useful tool in attracting your target audience.

Using keywords effectively is an invaluable tool for reaching and attracting your perfect customer. Great use of the techniques above ensure you’re driving qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your website and improve overall marketing efforts.

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Hello world! http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/10/hello-world/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/10/hello-world/#respond Fri, 31 Oct 2014 00:08:52 +0000 http://zinteractiveagency.com/?p=1 Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Twitter Roles Out In-Tweet purchases “Buy Button” http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/09/twitter-buy-button/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/09/twitter-buy-button/#respond Mon, 08 Sep 2014 14:24:34 +0000 http://demo.deliciousthemes.com/patti/?p=26 Read More

Twitter announced today that it will begin to role out a test aimed at a select group of subscribers

Twitter announced today that it will begin to role out a test aimed at a select group of subscribers who will begin receiving options to buy from a few dozen brands, recording artists, and nonprofits. Pilot brands and personalities include Brad Paisley, Burberry, Demi Lovato, Home Depot, and Panic at the Disco.

Tarun Jain shared the announcement on the Twitter blog describing the test as an early step toward turning Twitter into a functional commerce platform. Tweets from brands will present both Android and iOS users with exclusive offers. Once they tap on an initial buy button, they’re taken to another screen with larger product presentation and pricing information (see below). Pressing a second buy button on this page sends the buyer to a confirm screen and the transaction submitted to the merchant.

Individuals’ payment and shipping information will be encrypted and stored in Twitter’s database for use in subsequent transactions. Twitter will not note purchases on subscribers’ timelines or profiles. At this point, Twitter says that personally identifiable information obtained from purchasers will be shared only with the merchants filling their requests. You can read more about their security and privacy policies here.

“This is targeted right at direct-response advertisers and brands as we head into the all-important Q4,” says Dayna Moon, senior director of  social at 3Q Digital. “With this release, I think you can expect to see a slight shift in budgets — especially if the handful of test users show good results.”

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5 Quick Ways to use Pinterest for SEO http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/06/5-quick-ways-to-use-pinterest-for-seo/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/06/5-quick-ways-to-use-pinterest-for-seo/#respond Sun, 01 Jun 2014 14:14:14 +0000 http://demo.deliciousthemes.com/patti/?p=13 Read More

Pinterest has become the 3rd most popular social network in the US. The following are a few simple steps you can take to pass some Pinterest link-love to help get your company’s website get found in Google searches.

1)  Pinterest Website Verification

Add your website to your Pinterest profile and go through the verification steps. Even if your website doesn’t strictly pertain to the content on your boards, every back-link counts. Start the simple verification process here.

2) Link-Wheel with other Social Media Accounts

Link up your Pinterest account to your other social media accounts making a link-wheel. Adding your social media links on all of your accounts shows Google you have a growing brand on the web and in turn your website will receive cool points. Disregard any worries about this being considered spam, Google will not penalize anyone for trying to promote their brand and content online.

3) Is your Website Pinnable?

Test out your website’s URL in Pinterest to see if you have Pinnable graphics on your website and the user’s selection of images. Many companies don’t have any Pinnable images and lose the opportunity to receive free promotion on Pinterest.

4) Add WordPress “Pin It” Buttons

Add visually bold graphics to your blog posts by designing your image to attract other Pinterest users. An amazing FREE image editing application to do this with is PicMonkey. Just combine a great stock photo with a few bold words describing the topic of your post and use this as your blog post image. Finally, make sure to add a button for others to quickly Pin your graphics from your blog posts. If your website is on WordPress a great plugin for both of these is the Pinterest Plugin. The Pin will automatically include the exact link of your blogpost and the plugin allow you to manually insert a description to be included in the users Pin.

5) Tracking Results

Pinterest has recently added tracking to their business dashboard so you can test and compare what content users are Repinning and what blog posts Pinners are grabbing from your website. You can also use your Google Analytic’s account to track your inbound traffic from Pinterest and your other social media

Here are some other great resources to harness the power of Pinterest:

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Startup Spotlight: Youtoo Can Be On TV! http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/startup-spotlight-youtoo/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/startup-spotlight-youtoo/#respond Sat, 01 Mar 2014 14:08:18 +0000 http://demo.deliciousthemes.com/patti/?p=9 Read More

Your favorite shows are interesting enough to keep your attention right?

Your favorite shows are interesting enough to keep your attention right? With all that is infinitely accessible via smart phones, laptops, and tablets, you might want to think again. With the incredible spike in popularity among coming social media and television, it appears we enjoy watching our beloved reality sitcom drama documentaries with others who love them too.  Now with the rise of social TV, Youtoo.com has made tv even more social.

Youtoo is a Social TV network that allows millions the opportunity to be on TV with a mere click of the mouse. Users can record and upload 15sec videos called “Fame Spots” with smartphones, tablets or personal computers, and be chosen to air during national shows such as The X-files. For those new to Social TV, let’s take a look at similar applications.

Other social TV networks making a splash include GetGlue, which lets users “Check in” to TV shows and movies they are watching to socialize with friends, get recommendations and earn rewards. Yahoo’s Social TV baby IntoNow gives users a Shazam-ish option to check in via a live broadcast and create an interactive TV experience to discuss and dissect shows in real time. Other sites such as Viggle partner with brands to reward viewers with movie tickets, gift cards to Target, or cups of coffee from Starbucks.

It seems only natural that social networking and technology would make a natural transition to better integrate with TV, and provide a proactive way to interact with fans, reach new audiences, and drive viewership. Haven’t heard of shows using Social TV to reach fans? “True Blood”, “Walking Dead”, and “WWE” which announced earlier this year they were teaming up with Tout, are all great examples of shows and brands exploring the benefits of Social TV and scoring big.

Youtoo also has the potential to reach a large amount of viewers, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be on TV? It’s the perfect example of Social TV, using the real allure of being on screen, via whatever device they have in their hands.

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Logic will get you from A to B http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/logic-will-get-you-from-a-to-b/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/logic-will-get-you-from-a-to-b/#respond Sat, 01 Mar 2014 14:05:31 +0000 http://demo.deliciousthemes.com/patti/?p=7 http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/logic-will-get-you-from-a-to-b/feed/ 0 Air Review http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/air-review/ http://zinteractiveagency.com/2014/03/air-review/#respond Sat, 01 Mar 2014 13:58:43 +0000 http://demo.deliciousthemes.com/patti/?p=4 Read More

Every week we share an audio track from a local artist. This week we’re shining a light on the Dallas quartet, Air Review.

They played their first show in 2009 and have since received international acclaim from the blogosphere including features on NPR’s All Songs Considered, CMJ, The Huffington Post, and Paste Magazine.

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