Mark McQuaid MD


Dr. Mark McQuaid is a prominent Frisco physician with a focus on vein care and general surgery. He was in need of an updated web site and re-branding that really showcased his position as a successful doctor in this field. He wanted a fresh new look while also maintaining easy navigation of the site.


Z Interactive worked with Dr. McQuaid to create a new brand that reflected his professionalism and success in this field. Z Interactive then built a new website from the ground up with a fresh, current design and updated features.


The innovative new web site provides Dr. McQuaid with a relevant and current web site that he and his office staff can be proud of. The web site offers compelling information and has useful tools for clients and physicians to interact with Dr. McQuaid and his staff.

  • Client: Mark McQuaid MD
  • Tasks: Logo Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Website Solutions
  • Website: